Kathy Kanatzar

Essentials 1 & 2
Students in this class use reasoning skills to solve basic mathematical problems using the four operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Students are required to apply their knowledge of the four operations and use algebraic equations to solve life skills story problems. The focus of these classes is to teach students how to solve life skills problems in order to be functional adults after graduation. The classes use Common Core curriculum that has been approved by the Boise School 
District and follows state standards. The lessons are individually based and progress at each student’s pace.

Modified English 10, 11, 12 
These English classes focus on increasing decoding, comprehension, vocabulary, and writing skills of each individual student. Students are provided reading and writing strategies using research-based interventions on a daily basis. Class materials are developed on students’ ability levels and assignments progress at the students’ rate of achievement. Daily lessons include using vocabulary strategies, locating factual information within text, and using context clues to answer comprehension questions based on the reading selection. Students are required to  answer critical thinking questions (fact/opinion, cause/effect, make predictions, compare/contrast)and answer questions that require recalling information from the text, identify the main idea, use inference, identify the author’s approach, and summarize or paraphrase passages. Students work on grammar, spelling, and writing skills daily. They learn to develop and well written paragraph then progress to writing a strong essay. 

Study Skills Agenda
5 points daily

check grades and missing assignments on Infinite Campus
fill out weekly grade check sheet
update board and make a plan

homework day
transition planning

binder check
Aim's Web

homework day
transition planning

1/3 reading goals 
1/3 writing goals
1/3 math goals