Nicholas Calaycay

Teaching/Coaching Biography:

This is my fourteenth year teaching and coaching at Capital High School (CHS).  Currently, I teach three sections of Accelerated PE, one section of Sophomore PE, and one section of Health.  Additionally, I serve as the Varsity QB's coach for our football team. 

Originally, I am from Keizer, Oregon.  I graduated from McNary High School class of '98.  After high school, I enrolled at Boise State University and earned a B. S. degree in Kinesiology/Physical Education and a certificate in Health Education in 2003.  I completed my master's program in Physical Education/Athletic Administration from Idaho State University in 2013.

Additionally, over my tenure at CHS I have assisted in coaching Baseball (7 years) and Football (03'-Present) at both the JV and Varsity levels .

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Grading Policy/Procedures:

Make-up Assignments:

  • Written make-up assignments are available for sick/injured students
  • Make-up workouts will also be made available TBA
  • All students needs to contact instructor to set up make-up opportunities
  • Students who choose to sit out of activity without a written excuse (from a doctor or health care provider) forfeit daily participation points 
  • Students have up to three days upon return from excused absence(s) to turn in all make-up work
  • 90 % of all PE classes are graded on daily effort and participation
  • 10% of the total points assigned account for cognitive assessment(s), in class assignments, and the end of course final exam (EOC).