Roxie Kirk


All assignments are completed in class unless there is an extended absence.  Students can practice using their language arts skills by reading the newspaper at home, reading to a younger sibling, or just reading a book or magazine for fun. They could also practice writing skills by writing letters, making shopping lists, writing directions, etc.

Occupational Prep Program in the afternoon prepares students to become good employees. Sophomores work on life skills and job skills on campus.  As students prove themselves capable of following directions from a job coach they move to supervised jobs off campus two days a week, then four days and finally are placed as independent workers, when appropriate.

On Friday afternoons students participate in community outings, community service or on-campus speakers or activities. (Students with behavior issues that week, missing assignments or excessive absences may not be able to attend.)

2015-2016 Semester 1 Friday Activity Schedule


4--Get to know you activity (on campus)

11--Art in the Park--community service

18--Walk to Hyatt Wildlife Preserve--science activity

25--Idaho Old Penitentary--history activity


2--no school

9--Garden ‘O Feedin’--community service

16--MLK Nature Center--science activity

23--Art activity--prepare for Christmas market and carve pumpkins

      (community service for retirement center)

30--no school


6--Boise Art Museum (oragami)

13--Rake Up Boise--community service

     Christmas Market at Vineyard

20--Reuseum--science activity

27--no school


4--Life’s Kitchen (Jr/Sr)--career activity

    Rake Up Boise part 2 (Soph)--community service

11--Air quality control speaker (on campus)--science activity

18--early release