BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

Boise School District: Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Practice

Boise School District supports Bring Your Own Device, as an option, for increasing student and staff opportunities for technology integration in our classrooms.

Students may bring their personally owned computing devices for use in school-approved activities.

Student devices used on the premises of Boise School District campus are subject to all guidelines, rules and regulations governing acceptable use as established by the Boise School District Policies 2513, 3239, 3241, and 5235. These policies are in alignment with Federal Guidelines (CIPA & COPPA) and State Laws of Idaho.

Boise School District staff may be unable to store, support or troubleshoot student-owned devices. Students will assume full responsibility for devices and will secure devices when not in use.

Boise School District is not responsible for any device or data loss, theft, damage or other associated costs of replacement or repair incurred during the school day or at home as a result of participation in this program.

Parents and students should read the above Boise Schools Internet Safety & Usage Policies, along with the BSD Responsibility Use of Technology, Access and Digital Communication.