Student Handbook




Students and Parents should be able to clearly, and in a timely manner, understand how their grades are calculated and that their grade in infinite campus should accurately reflect current academic progress.


Grading Scales

Final grades and grade point averages (GPA) are computed using the following table:

Grading Scale                                         Grade Points                                           AP Grade Points

A - 90-100                                              4 points                                                   5 points

B - 80-89                                                 3 points                                                   4 points

C - 70-79                                                 2 points                                                   3 points

D - 60-69                                                1 point                                                     2 point

F  - 50-59                                                0 point                                                     1 point

NC                                                          No Credit                                                No Credit



Students shall be permitted to retake or revise any scored assessment in which she/he has not demonstrated competency, with the exception of an EOC.  The reassessment process must begin within 5 school days from the day the grade was received by the student and completed no later than 10 days of the date the original assessment was scored.  All students will be permitted to utilize retakes and revisions to improve individual assessment/assignment letter grades. While teachers are required to offer re-assessments/re-takes, students may be required to participate in additional practice that demonstrates understanding prior to administration of the re-assessment.  The higher score earned will be recorded in the grade book and the lower score removed (not averaged).  Advanced Placement and concurrent credit courses may have variations of this policy, as required by either the College Board or the certifying college or university.


Late Work

Students shall be permitted to turn in late work two weeks prior to the end of the quarter (unless extensions are made by the principal/designee). Late work may receive a reduction in value. This policy is meant to stress the importance of turning in work in a timely manner while simultaneously providing students the opportunity to learn at an individual rate.


Make-Up Work

Make-up work is allowed for students with any type of an absence. However, grades earned may be subject to a reduction due to unexcused absences/truancies. The classroom teacher will provide the student or the parent/guardian who requests make-up work with the information necessary to complete the make-up work, which may include: a list of pages covered during the absence;  information about assignments or special projects; or a copy of all handout materials given during the absence.  A student will be allowed two (2) days for each day of absence to make up new material - It is recommended that make-up work be completed within six (6) school days from the date of return after the absence unless exceptions are made by the principal/designee. Except in extenuating circumstances, assignments or tests that were announced prior to the student’s absence are due on the day that the student returns to school. (If the assignment criteria changes during the student's absence, the student will be allowed additional time to make the appropriate adjustments.) The Board grants authority to teachers to make exceptions to this policy in cases of term papers or long range projects as long as students are informed of the different requirements at the beginning of the assignment.



Final Exams

The Board of Trustees does not permit students to take final exams early unless approved by the principal or designee.


Infinite Campus Grade Books  

Teachers are required to update Infinite Campus Grade Books at a minimum standard of every two weeks.




COLLEGE VISITATIONS are not an activity absence.  They count in the 90% attendance policy.


TO EXCUSE AN ABSENCE:  a student must have a parent or guardian call the attendance office.  The attendance office phone number is 854-4493.  A message may be left if the call is being made after school hours.  The absence becomes a truancy if the parent or guardian does not call within 48 hours of the absence.


FAKE PHONE CALLS: All fake calls excusing students’ attendance are an automatic one (1) day in-house suspension.


PERMITS-TO-LEAVE: Once students report to first period classes, the only time they may leave campus without a permit-to-leave card is at lunch.  Students should not leave during break time or during assemblies without such a permit.  If a student leaves campus before obtaining one, they will be counted as truant.

Procedure for obtaining a permit-to-leave card:

  1. A parent/guardian must call the attendance office to request a permit-to-leave.
  2. The student must pick up this permit from the attendance office before s/he leave.Thus the student’s location is traceable.
  3. When the student returns to the campus, s/he should return the permit-to-leave card to the

attendance office where it will be

stamped and signed.  Thus the school knows the student has returned to campus.  DON’T LEAVE SCHOOL WITHOUT A PERMIT



  • Late students (Periods 1-7) will not be admitted to class without first picking up a “tardy slip” from the attendance office.  Attendance Office will mark students “tardy” in Infinite Campus.

           *Students late to zero period will go directly to class and still be marked tardy by their teachers.

  • Students are responsible for tracking their own tardies and attendance in their Infinite Campus account.


Consequences for tardy students:

  • Tardy #’s 1-3: Student’s parent will receive a computer generated phone message from the school.  (Phone message: “Your student has been tardy or absent from one or more periods today.   Please check your student’s Infinite Campus account for more details.”)
  • Tardy #’s 4-5: Student will receive a computer-generated phone call from the school, plus a written notification.
  • Tardy # 6: Student will receive a computer-generated phone call from the school, a written notification, and an assignment of Friday School or 5 Lunch Detentions.
  • Tardy #7: Loss of credit




A truancy will be issued if a student leaves school without a Permit-To-Leave or is absent without parental permission.  Truancy will also be issued if students are not in their assigned class and under the supervision of their assigned teacher.  Habitual truancy is defined as three (3) truancies in a single semester or four (4) total truancies for the three (3) years at Capital High School.



    A student is warned, policies are explained, and a notification is sent home.


    A parent conference could be held, policies are reviewed and a student may receive an in-house, Friday school or home suspension.  A notification is sent home.


    A student may receive an in-house, Friday school or home suspension.  A notification is sent home.


    A student may receive an in-house or home suspension.  A notification is sent home.


A student may be suspended for the remainder of a semester.




DISCIPLINE REFERRALS: This is a behavior referral filed by a teacher with the assistant principal.  Usually the teacher has made contact with the parent in order to apprise them of the student’s disruption.


  1. FIRST REFERRAL: The student will be issued appropriate consequences and a notification will be sent to parents/guardians.
  2. SECOND REFERRAL: A parent/student/teacher conference could be held.
  3. THIRD REFERRAL: The student’s credit may be withdrawn from the class and the student may be placed in a study hall.


FIGHTING:  “You throw, YOU GO!”  Any student who comes into any form of physical contact (i.e. pushing, shoving, hitting, slugging, punching) or plays in the role of instigating or encouraging physical contact with another student may be suspended from school for one (1) to five (5) days.  Be pro-active and inform an administrator if problems occur.


SCHOOL THREATS/VIOLENCE: Any student who makes threats of violence or infers violence in any way that disrupts the school environment may face suspension.

The school has the power and the duty to prohibit entrance/loitering and to provide for the removal from any school premises or any school activity any individuals who disrupt the educational process or whose presence is detrimental to the morals, health, safety, academic learning, and discipline of the pupils.

 It is everyone’s obligation to report anyone with a weapon on campus or anyone that threatens to infer violence to the school.

Students, parents, and staff are encouraged to be responsible and to report any weapons, threats, or rumors of violence to school authorities or the police.


HALL PASSES: A student must carry either this tracker or a pass signed by a faculty member if it is necessary to leave a class.


LITTER: It is the responsibility of the entire school community to keep the building and its premises clean.  No food is permitted in the gym areas during the school day.


DRESS CODE: See Policy 3223


GRAFFITI: Any student responsible for any form of graffiti i.e. markings on lockers, bathroom walls, territorial gang markings on any surface, risks suspension from school and may be referred to law enforcement for prosecution.


IDENTIFICATION: Students are expected to identify themselves (name/class) to any staff member who requests it.  Students are considered insubordinate if an untruthful Identification is made.  Students should have ID or their ASB card with them at all times.


PARKING: All students who wish to park their vehicles in the school lot must buy a parking permit from the business office.  The speed limit in the lot is 5 M.P.H.  Restricted parking spaces are visibly marked.  Tickets will be issued for excessive speed or parking in restricted areas.  Drivers who frequently violate parking lot expectations may in addition to being ticketed lose parking lot privileges or may have their cars towed at their expense.  Fines costs are as follows: 1st ticket - $5.00, 2nd ticket – $10.00 and 3rd ticket - $15.00.


LOCKERS: The school is not responsible for any articles that might be stolen from the lockers.  They should not leave valuables in the lockers.  Students will be held responsible and addressed for any damage done to an issued locker.  Lockers are subject to search at any time by a school official if it is determined there is a reasonable suspicion. Students are not to share lockers


POSTERS AND ADVERTISEMENTS: All posters, announcements or advertisements must be stamped “APPROVED” by an administrator before they are hung or distributed in the school.


LANGUAGE:  Students are to use appropriate language at all times when on campus or at school activities.  In-House for use of profanity.


SCHOOL DANCE PRODCEDURES: Students may bring a guest to a high school dance.  Student must fill out a form for a guest and approval will be based on the following criteria.

  1. Guest must be grade appropriate (Grades 9-12)
  2. Guest must be under the age of 21.
  3. Guest must be in “good standing” at their home high school and/or place of employment.*Our goal is to provide a safe and age appropriate environment.


PUBLIC DISPLAY OF AFFECTION: Excessive physical contact and public displays of affection are not acceptable on school ground, school buses, or at school activities.



All Capital High School students deserve a fair and uniform testing experience free from disruptions.  The use of cell phones or other prohibited electronic devices (including iPods, MP3’s or headphones) at any time during a testing period is prohibited.  Students with a phone, hand held computer, or any other electronic device in their possession, will need to completely power it off and put it away in their backpacks until they leave the classroom. Students using any prohibited device at any time during a testing period, including breaks, or after they have finished the exam, will be sent to the office, and they will receive a zero.  In addition, any electronic device that is not turned off and put away may be confiscated.


In an effort to promote appropriate use of technology while keeping the integrity of the classroom instruction intact, the Capital High School cell phone policy will allow students to use their phones during designated times throughout the day.  Ample research indicates that cell phone use is a distraction to learning in our classrooms.  Therefore, students may not use cell phones at Capital High School during classroom hours unless directed by a teacher for instructional purposes.  Also, phones may not be used outside of the classroom during instruction time, for example, leaving for the restroom, locker, library, or any other location outside of the classroom.


Cell phones may be used in the building only before school, at passing times, during morning break, lunch, and after school.  In emergencies, students may make a phone call from the attendance office.  Electronic devices may not be used in the classroom without the teacher’s permission.*


Students may not upload pictures/videos of people taken on Capital High School campus to social media or websites without the permission of the people in the picture/video.  Students will not record voice memos without permission.


Electronic devices containing inappropriate material may be confiscated and student may be subject to disciplinary and/or legal action.



Hats may not be worn in our building until after 4 pm.  For students who wear hats in our building before 4 pm, we will follow the consequences listed below.*

*Students who violate our cell phone and/or hat policies will be subject to the following disciplinary actions:  

1st Offense

Phone or hat confiscated by staff member and student is given a warning.  

Student may pick up the phone after school in the front office.

2nd Offense

Phone or hat confiscated by staff member.

Phone or hat must be picked up by parent after school in the front office.

3rd Offense

Phone or hat confiscated by staff member.  

Phone or hat must be picked up by parent after school in the front office.  

Student will also receive a lunch detention.

4th Offense

Phone or hat is confiscated by staff member.

Phone or hat must be picked up by parent after school in the front office.

One day of Friday School assigned.

5th Offense

Phone or hat is confiscated by staff member.

Parent/student/administration meeting held.



Capital High School holds intellectual honesty to be one of the most important qualities of an academic environment.  Academic dishonesty is defined as: any of the following, when committed by a student;

a. CHEATING: intentionally using or attempting to use unauthorized materials, information, or study aids in any academic exercise. Copying a friend’s work is a component of cheating.

b. FABRICATION: intentional and unauthorized falsification or invention of any information or citation in an academic exercise.

c. FACILITATING ACADEMIC DISHONESTY: intentionally or knowingly helping or attempting to help another to violate any provision of Code #3243. This includes, but may not be limited to, Web sites, cell phones, or other electronic devices.

d. PLAGIARISM: intentionally or knowingly representing the words or ideas of another as one's own in any academic exercise.

Academic dishonesty (cheating), in any form, will not be tolerated and will result in the following:


1st offense~ Loss of credit for the assignment, a disciplinary referral, and counselor notified.

If a second infraction occurs in the same class, an “F” will be stored on the transcript and the student will be placed in a study hall.

Important:  Infractions of this nature will likely have an impact on letters of recommendation, awards, and other commendations you may pursue while enrolled at Capital High School.

Students in Leadership Roles

Students in positions of leadership are expected to uphold principles of morality, ethics, and responsibility in the school and community. Violations of school or district policy will result in consequences in accordance with District Policy.  In the event that the infraction jeopardizes the student’s standing in a role or organization, he or she may be required to appear before a faculty panel to determine the appropriate intervention and whether the student may continue in the leadership role.                                                             



6:45 a.m. – 3:35 p.m.

Students are welcome to use the library during these hours.  This is your library, and we encourage you to make suggestions to improve services and recommendations for new titles.

 Students may checkout books, magazines, CDs, audio books, and VHS and DVD films.  Books may be checked out for 20 schools days (and may be renewed if there is not be checked our for a week, and DVD and VHS films can be checked out for 2 days.  Overdue fines on books are assessed at 10 cents/day fine, and other overdue items are assessed at 25 cents/school day fine.

 Other Services: Computer Printing: There is a charge of 5 cents per copy for personal printing.  Photocopies:  The library has a self-serve coin-operated copy machine that is 10 cents per page.

 Research Handbook: MLA Format/Style Guide -