Coronavirus Resources for Families

COVID 19 Resources for Parents

How to communicate to your kids about COVID-19 - documents on this site:
My kids school is closed, so now what?     closed-so-now-what/
How to de-stress during COVID-19:
Tips for staff
Food pantries and local resources - just plug in your address and the closest food pantries will be located for you
Self-Rescue Manual - the Self-Rescue Manual contains local resources, counseling supports and much more.  
Discussing COVID-19 with your student - Spanish - Korean - this handout includes some ideas to help you discuss the current COVID-19 status with your student
Mindfulness for Teens - Mindfulness is a simple tool your student can use to practice everyday stress relief
Headspace - Free app that will help your student practice mindful breathing, work on sleep hygiene among many other options.  Check it out!  
Stress Relief skill-building and ideas for self-care - some more ideas for talking to your teen about stress and managing our mental health through self-care
Resources and Activities for students to do at home during school closure